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Molnar Technologies - Crankshafts
Mitsubishi & Subaru (& Custom for all other applications!)

Our 4340 forged crankshafts are heat treated to increase tensile strength, shot peened to increase fatigue life, nitrided for wear resistance and 100% mag particle inspected to insure against cracks. Sizes held to the tightest tolerances you'll find in the racing industry.

Custom Cranks for Your Engine!
We offer Custom Designed Cranks for many engines. Email us for a price quote for your engine right now!

We also offer MOLNAR Rods!
Stroke Part # Engine Description Our
Mitsubishi (4340 Billet Cranks - Lightweight)
88mm M8804G63-L4G63 (stock mains & rod pins) LIGHTWEIGHT Lightweight1699
94mmM9404G63-L4G63 (stock mains & rod pins) LIGHTWEIGHT Lightweight1699
97mmM9704G63-L4G63 (stock mains & rod pins) LIGHTWEIGHT Lightweight1699
100mmM9704G63-L4G63 (stock mains & rod pins) LIGHTWEIGHT Lightweight1699
Subaru (4340 Billet Cranks)
75mmS750EJ20EJ20 (stock mains & rod pins)STD Weight 1699
79mmS790EJ25EJ20 / EJ25 (stock mains & rod pins) STD Weight 1699
83mmS830EJ25EJ20 / EJ25 (stock mains & rod pins) STD Weight 1699
CUSTOM - All Applications (4340 Billet Cranks)
Varies-All - Email
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