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Wiseco Pistons IPP-euro
IPP-international is the LARGEST supplier of Forged Custom Pistons and Connecting Rods for the International Import Market.
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Wiseco Pistons - Nissan (Euro Market)

All pistons come w/moly coated skirts, rings, wrist pins & circlips.
(* Non-coated, not supplied with rings.)

Wiseco is world renown for their work building race winning pistons for compact engines featuring small bores, multi-valves, and high RPM's applications for many years.
  1. Stocking Pistons now come coated on the sides from the factory
  2. Valve Pocket designs that allow max flow around valve, also allowing oversized valves and high lift cams to be utilized.
  3. Piston crown shapes designed to promote max Intake Charge efficiency thru scavenging mixture 'Cross Flow" during intake and exhaust valve overlap. More fuel and air equals more horsepower.
  4. Pistons designed to optimize squish or quench during compression/combustion cycle event, resulting in resistance to detonation and pre-ignition. The end product is longer engine life and increased horsepower potential.
  5. Complex piston skirt profiles that reduce power robbing friction, yet promoting stability in bore for optimum ring seal.
  6. Precision machined ring grooves with proper orifice/accumulator volume using calculated groove root diameters and axial widths, featuring excellent surface finish and flatness providing maximum ring seal and minimizes blow-by and oil consumption.
  7. World class forging facility that utilizes the latest technologies featuring complex forged shapes, advanced materials, and featured aligned grain flw technology.
Piston prices marked with an * do not include rings.
If you need rings, please order them here:
Rings with purchase of Wiseco Pistons:
Rings: Price/Set Buy Now Rings: Price/Set Buy Now
4 Cyl 110
6 Cyl 165
Rings purchased alone:
Rings: Price/Set Buy Now Rings: Price/Set Buy Now
4 Cyl 120
6 Cyl 180
Additional Options Available:
Option Description Price Buy Now
HD 1400DG Heavy Duty 2618 Forging 27,50/each piston
ArmorGlide Skirt Coating 27,50/each piston
ArmorPlating Piston Coating 27,50/each piston
HD Pins Heavy Duty Wristpins 27,50/each piston
Asymmetric Design Asymmetric Skirt 27,50/each piston
Nissan CA18T/DET 8V SOHC (4 cyl. )
Series # Bore
Oversizes Stroke Rod C.H. Head cc's Dome/Dish
Comp Ratio Pin
Notes Buy Now
Inches E520M830
83.0 Std 3.29 - 1.17 - F/T 8.2 20mm 1
Metric E520M835
83.5 .020 83.6mm 133mm 1.17 - F/T 8.2 20mm 1
* Non-coated, not supplied with rings.
Most Wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset the same as o.e. for quietest operation.
   Pin offset will be opposite of direction of engine rotation.
This piston is a flat top w/out valve pockets, to be used if verifying piston to valve and piston to head clearance..
3  Non-coated, not supplied with rings.
There are different versions of this engine - do visual inspection of dish/valve pocket area to verify compatibility.
Notes: that apply to all Part #'s:

- Some pistons are listed with a range of compression ratio's. The low number is determined w/an un-cut deck and the
   high number is determined w/.030 piston to cylinder head clearance.
- Always check pistons to valve clearance - If using VTEC or like mechanisms- check w/longer duration higher lift lobe.
- Always run at least .030 piston to head clearance including gasket thickness.
- If piston appears to be different than expected, please do not hesitate to call Wiseco at 800-321-1364 to verify proper
   installation specifications.
No high import / shipping costs and fees anymore.
Just order the parts here at Flatlander Performance Parts in the Netherlands.

All prices on website are without (exclude) salestax of 21 percent; MWST of 21 percent; BTW of 21 percent

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