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Toyota 1400HD Pistons
1400HD Extreme Duty Turbo Forging Piston Kits
US & Int'l Models - Toyota

Wiseco's NEW Ultimate Turbo Forging!
Kits Include: pistons, pins, rings & coating
(* Custom Pistons - no rings, non-coated)

This new strutted 1400HD forging has been developed for turbocharged  engines, making 350+ horsepower per cylinder. Got a large aftermarket turbo, tubular manifold, high compression, nitrous, and methanol injection? - no problem. The forging has been designed around special 21mm and 22mm tool steel pins of .225 wall thickness.
Features: Benefits:
2618 Alloy The strongest alloy available with the best strength at high temperature and low silicon content, for low porosity.
Heavy Radii   Creating a large smooth radii from the skirts and pin boss into the crown prevents flex and
Piston prices marked with an * do not include rings.
If you need rings, please order them here:
Rings with purchase of Wiseco Pistons:
Rings: Price/Set Buy Now Rings: Price/Set Buy Now
4 Cyl 110
6 Cyl 165
Rings purchased alone:
Rings: Price/Set Buy Now Rings: Price/Set Buy Now
4 Cyl 120
6 Cyl 180
Additional Options Available:
Option Description Price Buy Now
HD 1400DG Heavy Duty 2618 Forging 27,50/each piston
ArmorGlide Skirt Coating 27,50/each piston
ArmorPlating Piston Coating 27,50/each piston
HD Pins Heavy Duty Wristpins 27,50/each piston
Asymmetric Design Asymmetric Skirt 27,50/each piston
Toyota Celica/MR2 1989-95 3SGTE 2.0L
Series # Bore
Oversizes Stroke Rod C.H. Head cc's Dome/Dish
Comp Ratio Pin
Notes Buy Now
86.50/3.405 .020 3.385
49 -6 8.5:1 .866
1, 3
* Non-coated, not supplied with rings.
#1 Most Wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset the same as o.e. for quietest operation - Pin offset will be opposite of direction of engine rotation.
#3 Non-coated, not supplied with rings.
#4 This piston made w/stock compression height, which is very close to cylinder head. Use Cometic thick gasket if decking block.
Notes: that apply to all Part #'s:
Some pistons are listed with a range of compression ratio's. The low number is determined w/an un-cut deck and the high number is determined w/.030 piston to cylinder head clearance.
* Always check pistons to valve clearance - If using VTEC or like mechanisms- check w/longer duration higher lift lobe.
* Always run at least .030 piston to head clearance including gasket thickness.
* If piston appears to be different than expected, please do not hesitate to call Wiseco at 800-321-1364 to verify proper installation specifications.
No high import / shipping costs and fees anymore.
Just order the parts here at Flatlander Performance Parts in the Netherlands.

All prices on website are without (exclude) salestax of 21 percent; MWST of 21 percent; BTW of 21 percent

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