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Wiseco Pistons Wiseco Pistons - Mini JWC MKII
Includes: Zylon skirt coating, rings, wrist pins & circlips.

Mini JWC MKII 1.6L 16v Turbo "Prince"
BMW 1 series, 3 series 1.6L 16V Turbo

Together with Dombeck Motorsport we have developed these upgraded Wiseco pistons for the “Prince” engines. David Dombeck became champion in ADAC DTC season 2015, and has several class victories with his Mini JWC.
In an effort to supply better & stronger pistons over standard/OEM, we have added the following "Bullet Proof" upgrades:
"BULLET PROOF" Piston Upgrades
- Special forging used on these pistons
- Upgraded Direct Injection Design, for improve combustion
- 3D Crown milling
- Zylon Skirt coating
- Anodized top on the surface of the pistons (more strength)
Bore sizes: 77.00mm / 77.25mm / 77.50mm

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Mini JWC MKII 1.6L 16v Turbo "Prince"
BMW 1 series, 3 series 1.6L 16V Turbo
Part # Bore Oversizes Stroke Rod C.H. Head
Notes Price
K699M7700 77.00 Std 85.8 138.50 - - - 9.2:1 1 €1049
K699M7725 77.25 +0.25mm 85.8 138.50 - - - 9.2:1 1 €1049
K699M7750 77.50 +0.50mm 85.8 138.50 - - - 9.2:1 1 €1049
JWC pistons
#1 Most Wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset the same as o.e. for quietest operation - Pin offset will be opposite of direction of engine rotation.
Notes: that apply to all Part #'s:
Some pistons are listed with a range of compression ratio's. The low number is determined w/an un-cut deck and the high number is determined w/.030 piston to cylinder head clearance.
* Always check pistons to valve clearance - If using VTEC or like mechanisms- check w/longer duration higher lift lobe.
* Always run at least .030 piston to head clearance including gasket thickness.
* If piston appears to be different than expected, please do not hesitate to call Wiseco at 800-321-1364 to verify proper installation specifications.
No high import / shipping costs and fees anymore.
Just order the parts here at Flatlander Performance Parts in the Netherlands.

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