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Supertech Performance Valves Supertech Performance Valves (& Valve Seals)
- High Flow Rates
- Less Friction
- More Power
- Featuring Black Nitrided Treatment!

Supertech Extreme Flow Performance Valves for Pro Street and Racing are engineered for High RPM and High HP. Extreme Flow Valves outperform any other valve on the market today, and with their Nitride Coating are perfect for High Temperatures (and run cooler which improves value life), Nitrous, Turbos and Superchargers. For naturally aspirated motors these valves will give you a much greater cylinder flow for good HP gains.
Intake and Exhaust Valves are One Piece Forged, High Temperature, High Nickel, Stainless Steel Alloy. Valves are CNC finished to strict tolerances making these valves the choice for the most demanding race classes.

Black Nitride (Coating)
Black Nitride Coating is a hardening treatment that even though it is not as widely used as the chrome plating, it has several benefits and has become more popular for use in the European and Japanese applications.

Benefits of Black Nitride Coating:
  • The micro hardness is higher than the stainless steel base material, keeping good ductility beneath the hard nitrided layer (micro hardness is 800HV minimum)
  • Surface finish is smoother than with chromed stems, having less friction between the stem and guide.
  • Valve seat surface is harder with the nitrated layer, lasting longer
    with lead free fuels, alcohols, nitro, or other "explosive" mixes.
  • Matches any kind of seats (nodular iron seats, steel powder metal seats, hard aluminum-copper seats or beryllium copper seats).
  • Higher rpm engines take full advantage of all the previous features.
  • The higher the engine speed the bigger the power loss due to internal engine friction! The black nitride layer reduces this power loss due to less valve-guide friction.
  • The nitrided layer is adhered to the base material at a microscopic level, so it will not "flake" or bake when the valves bend due to impacts with the pistons
  • The Black Nitride applies to the whole valve while the chrome coating is only applied to the stem.
  • All valves are swirl polished, have stem undercut, a hardened tip and more.

Chrome (special coating used only as noted)
Widely used and known in high performance valves Only applied to stem.

Inconel Coating (where noted)
For Superior Heat Resistance.

Part # Description Notes Type Size Price/
GIVN-0010 2.0L/2.2L
Triple Groove Intake std
GEVN-0010 2.0L/2.2L
Triple Groove Exhaust std
GIVN-3303F C20XE & C20LET Turbo Engines
6.96mm Stem Diameter,
105mm Length, Flat Face
Intake 34.00mm
GEVI-3303F C20XE & C20LET Turbo Engines
6.95mm Stem Diameter,
105mm Length , Flat Face,
Exhaust 30.00mm
GIVN-3303F Opel C20XE & C20LET 6.96mm Stem Diameter, 105mm overall length, Flat Face Intake 34.00mm
GEVI-3303F Opel C20XE & C20LET 6.95mm Stem Diameter, 105mm overall length , Flat Face,
Exhaust 30.00mm
GIVN-3312S Opel Z20LER/LEH/LET 5.96mm stem diameter 102.15mm overall length Intake 32.50mm(+0.50mm) 22
GEVI-3312S Opel Z20LER/LEH/LET 5.95mm stem diameter 92.30mm overall length
Exhaust 29.50mm (+0.50mm) 32
VS-OP7I Opel C20XE & C20LET - Intake - Email
VS-OP7E Opel C20XE & C20LET - Exhaust - Email
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