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Phantom Grip
Phantom Grip Limited Slip Differential

Charts and Graphs
The following graphs show the improvement in cornering and straight line acceleration which can be achieved with installation of Phantom Grip. Click graph to view full size.

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  Phantom Grip:
Limited Slip Differentials
Max Performance, Minimum Price & FREE Spring Kit Upgrade

The Phantom Grip LSD, otherwise knows as Limited Slip Differential, conversion kit, installs into your non-lsd differential converting it into a proven and competitive limited slip differential that enhances your traction needs.

Our LSD serves two distinctive functions for the daily driver, street/strip warrior, or full race vehicle:
  • In cornering and braking, it functions as a disc-type limited slip.
  • In hard acceleration, the Phantom Grip works as a locker causing  both wheels to receive equal power instead of just one wheel spin.
Every Phantom Grip is constructed of only the highest-quality aerospace alloys. With over 500,000 miles of vigorous performance testing (SCCA, drag, rally, hill climb, ice, rain, etc.), we have been able to fine tune each application through specific heat treating and rockwell testing to achieve maximum performance and reliability.

Each Phantom Grip unit is assembled with blueprinted matched sets of progressive-rate springs to achieve equal load distribution to the disc plates, which dramatically enhances reliability and performance. With such a passion for perfection, we at Phantom Grip are confident that when you choose a Phantom Grip unit, you are choosing, by far, the best limited slip conversion kit on the market.

Our Limited Slip Differential will provide you with:
  1. Increased Towing Capacity
  2. Maximized Tire Wear
  3. Safer, Wet Weather Driving
  4. Fun To Drive in Conditions

* Spring Kit Upgrade included for FREE with Phantom Grip LSD (if available for application), as noted in the parts table below.

Please order CUSTOM LSD's by phone at + 31 (0)6-23360358. Custom's take 3-5 days to ship (Part # LSD-CUSTOM).

Part # Make Model Year Trans.
Notes FREE
Spring Kit
Price Add to
LSD-CUSTOM Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth (FWD) 300M, Concorde, LHS, Prowler(RWD) 89-03 Any 2nd Gen.(with 42LE, A606 Trans.) -- No 419
902-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth 404 82-86 Any Automatic Yes 275
902-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth 464, 465, 520 82-86 Any - Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth 578, 555, A604 All Years Any - Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth A413 87-01 Any Automatic Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth A568 87-92 Any Turbo Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Any Model 84-86 Any - Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Charger 84-87 Any - Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Horizon 87-01 Any - Yes 275
LSD-CUSTOM Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Intrepid 93-97 Any 1st. Gen.(with 42LE-A606 Trans) -- No 419
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Lancer 84-87 Any - Yes 275
903-XTREME Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Laser All Years Any - Yes 339
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Le Baron 87-93 Any - Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Neon, Avenger, Stratus 95-01 Any - Yes 275
905-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Omni GLH, A525 84 Any - Yes 275
LSD-CUSTOM Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Prowler All Any (with 42LE-A606 Trans.) No 419
910-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth PT Cruiser 2006+ Any - Yes 359
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Sebring (2.4L/4 Cyl.) 97 Any - Yes 275
904X-TREME Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Sebring, Cirrus, PT Cruiser All Years Manual Includes 5 spd.,turbo,t850,G288 No 365
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Shadow, Daytona 84-93 Any - Yes 275
904-GOLD Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Shelby 84-87 Any - Yes 275
LSD-CUSTOM Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth SRT4 3 Any - No 419
903-XTREME Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Stealth ES 93 Automatic Non-Turbo Yes 339
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