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Article: Road Traffic Accidents
Many road traffic accidents can be prevented by simple car maintenance and knowing what to look for when your car isnít working properly or parts need replacing. But for many people the car is a complete mystery and mechanics are on par with magicians weaving their magic to make your car work properly again. But it is quite simple to do your own basic car maintenance if you know what you are looking for.
Your car breaks may seem to be complicated but you can help protect them by giving them a bit of a dust. It might sound silly but breaks can collect a lot of dust from a combination of grime picked up from the road, moisture and heat from the breaks themselves. Simply give them a wipe with a damp cloth using cold water to give them a clean.

Checking your tyre pressure is one of the simplest things you can do and it is one of the best things you can do for your car. Low tyre pressure can affect fuel economy as well as the handling of the car. Tyre tread is also important to check and so easy, many tyres now come with tread wear bars to check your tread against. Tyres can seem expensive but they are cheaper than the fine you can face or any accident low grip can cause.

Checking your engine oil can sound complicated but it is easy to do. Each engine comes with a dip stick, simply pull this out and give it a wipe then push it back in. Wait for a moment or two and pull it back out, simply check where the oil comes up to. It should be between the top and bottom markings, if it is too low simply add a bit more oil and check it again. Low or high levels of oil are both bad for your engine so it is important to check this on a regular basis or you could be faced with an expensive bill.
If however you do find yourself in a road traffic accident for which you weren't to blame, you can contact legal experts to help you pursue road accident claims.
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